Isaac the Energizer Bunny

Whenever others comment that Isaac is a clever boy, I always hasten to point out that he’s not really very clever. His language development is weird and definitely not ahead, and he’s really not particularly fast at cognitive skills either. What he is though, is very very active.

For instance, we were out with him last night for a Christmas dinner and by the time he was bathed and ready for bed at home, it was close to nine, almost four hours since his last nap and definitely past his usual bedtime. After nursing, he was so tired his eyes were fluttering close, but he decided HE JUST HAD TO GET UP. So he sat himself up, eyes blinked open, and started clambering around the bed! It was clear that he was really tired because he would stumble like a drunkard at times, and sometimes mid-climb he would rest his head and look like he was going to fall asleep in some awkward position. But no, he would not rest. When Ning tired to put him down and pat him to sleep, he resisted, then cried the house down.

In the end, we laid him down again, turned off the lights and I laid beside him without any form of communication or interaction with him. Of course, he got up again, happily chatting to himself, but falling over very often because he really was very very tired. Then, finally, after a few stumbles, and half-asleep moments, he fell on his back after one attempt to stand up, tried to flip onto his stomach so he could get up, BUT FELL ASLEEP MID-TURN! It was quite hilarious. It was obvious to us that he was already exhausted beyond words, but he just had to exert every single last ounce of energy before he was content to rest. So Ning and I have come to joke about our little ‘jock’ who is not particularly bright, but so determinedly active!

Happy 8 months!


Oops, a day late and the picture is not even from yesterday but never mind! It captures the essence of how Isaac is now, cheeky, happy, and pounce-y!

At eight months, Isaac is still very much a little thing — barely over 7kg, growing longer, but still has a really small head! He’s also un-chubbifying. I’ve been told that 8 months is the peak chubbiness for most babies since they should have been steadily putting on weight and starting on solids, but activity level is still fairly low. Not for Isaac!

Isaac is now incredibly, incredibly active. We never saw this side of him earlier but now that he can flip, sit himself up, get into a standing position in various ways (pulling himself up, pushing on things or just scaling a wall or the netting of his playpen), crawl and cruise with ease, he is like a right little energizer bunny WHO NEVER STOPS. Sometimes we are exhausted just watching him go at it for hours on end. We also have to be far more careful now that he really can get anywhere he wants to from a combination of crawling, standing and cruising.

He is also a supremely happy boy when he gets to move around freely. When he plays, he doesn’t just play. He squeals with excitement, his eyes light up, he laughs constantly, he sighs with contentment when he gets something he wants, he gives a cheeky grin when pouncing at me (or when he knows he’s doing something he’s not supposed to, like pulling my hair). So happy!

But at other times, he’s a real little nag. He scolds you at diaper changes if you fiddle around too much, he nags and nags from his high chair when he’s hungry and he thinks you’re being too slow. He kicks about and makes his displeasure known when you take one second to many to prepare yourself to nurse him.

He also surprises us by being all over the place with his developmental milestones — the latest being how he surprised us by never even attempting to crawl more than a step, then waking up one morning to crawl two metres across his mattress with perfect coordination! He’s also strange on the vocalisation front, at an age where many of his peers are vocalizing the labial sounds (‘p’, ‘b’, ‘m’), he does very little of that. Instead, he was happily saying “vvvvv”, “avoooo”, “avuh” for two months now although the ‘v’ sound is supposed to be one of the last sounds to be acquired. Ning was joking that Isaac is probably preparing for his V for Vendetta speech and will one fine day surprise us with a full rendition of it! Lol! Recently, he has begun to vocalise more consonants, but they remain of a strange variety — for instance, he does “grrr”, “brooom”, “ya”, all of which are not really common first consonants.

On the fine-motor front, he’s not clapping yet, but maybe owing to the baby-led weaning efforts, he’s very very good with food. He’s mastering his pincer grip, and he surprised us in Tasmania when he was able to switch his food from one hand to another. And it wasn’t just random passing, but a purposeful switch when he’s bitten off the top part of the food in one hand. He’ll actually move it to the other hand with another little bit sticking out so he can continue to eat it.

So all in all, Isaac’s doing well. He’s turning out to be a real little jock — we can hardly read to him now or do other intellectually stimulating activities because he’s so active. But he’s cute and happy and we’re proud of him all the same. Happy 8 months!

Isaac’s first trip: Feeding

We recently brought Isaac to Tasmania for our first family trip.

Before we left for the trip, Isaac was beginning to munch on toast in the morning and we were hoping that he would progress sufficiently in the two weeks or so before the trip to actually eating the toast. And, he did! Behold, our easy to feed baby on the trip! He munches on toast, honeydew, lemon (???!!!), bread and lemon, watermelon, drinks water from a bottle, chomps on broccoli, capsicum (another ???!!!) and cucumber!


He didn’t actually ingest most of the above — except for bread, which he really ate, and capsicum, which he also really ate, and demanded more of. But it was good enough for him to get some solids while on the trip, and also be happy at the dinner table.

Which was really important because we had been sitting him with us at meal time for a couple of weeks now before we left for the trip. Then on the trip itself, he actually demanded to be included in all the mealtimes. In one particular instance, we were sneakily eating instant noodles while leaving him to play on the floor, which he was very happy to do, until he turned around and saw us eating, at which point he literally screamed! We laughed, gave him a biscuit, which made him happy for the rest of the meal.

Apart from random solids from our own meals, he had his usual fill of milk. Nursing really is the best thing ever for trips because there was no need to bother with bottles and thermos flasks and milk powder and sterilizers and all the other implements of bottle feeding. Just a nursing cover and we’re good to go everywhere!


Um. Just to be sure, I wasn’t actually nursing Isaac at this point since I was clearly happily drinking a flute of sparkling wine. Isaac was already happily sleeping under the scarf when I started drinking. Also, it was a beautiful day on the Gordon River Cruise. It’s a bit of a journey to get to Strahan (the town where you take the cruise) from either Launceston or Hobart (the two major towns where you can fly into Tasmania) but worth the trip if you have the time!


Nursing at Snake Hill, part of our long walk from the Cradle Valley Visitor centre to Ronny Creek. I didn’t even bother with a nursing cover because we were pretty much in wilderness =)

So as it turned out, feeding was another area in which our little man was absolutely easy to travel with =) More trips please!