10. I am a little cape buffalo


We have the oddest nicknames for Isaac — we have been known to call him baby Gollum, or baby Voldemort, or baby Yogi, or baby Zombie. Now that he is ten months old, he’s like a little cape buffalo. Energetic, fierce, and mostly because he sends us on The Great Migration every night.

Which is basically this. Isaac starts out on his little mattress besides us, and through the night clamber on and off our bed, edges us this way and that, until we all end up in a different place in the morning than the night before, crowded out by him at some point, and usually with back and neck aches because we either had to hold ourselves very still to avoid crushing him, or literally hanging off the edge of the bed.

But! On a happier note, he has finally started to sleep better despite his clambering. And by better I mean he now wakes up once or twice a night, and can sleep as long as five hours in a row, instead of waking up six times a night, every one to two hours. It’s not a big deal, since many of his little friends are now sleeping chunks of seven hours or more all through the night, but I am grateful for little blessings =)

And mostly because I still do the creepy mom thing and gaze at him in the wee hours of the morning and feel my heart burst with love; and remember that he will only need me for so long. Ah my heart!

In other news, ten months feels like a long time since he was born! These days we are amazed by what he has learnt since his floppy newborn days. He eats whole grapes with gusto (and for some reason always smells like some strawberry flavoured confection these days), he can push himself to stand from the floor, stand without support, then lower himself back into a squat, he’s finally started babbling more (a lot of CVC clusters like “nam nam” “mum mum” and an ever expanding range of fricatives like “thhhhh”). He’s also started to have a real little personality and is figuring out the world for himself. His favourite game is to play peekaboo with us from behind our curtains. He can figure out just from my absence and the sound of running water that I’m washing up in the bathroom (and will comically stand banging on the door while crying). He lifts things up to peek at what’s underneath them, and looks into boxes. We can no longer hide things from him!

It’s his cutest month yet and we absolutely adore our little buffalo to bits!

2015. Five Things.


Hello! It’s a little late to do this only in February, but here are some things I want to do more of this year:

1. Eat Well. Live Well.

Last year, I had Isaac and despite being very much of a confinement rebel (i.e. I showered everyday, drank water all the time, ate none of the confinement food, and started taking daily walks one week after delivery), I regained my energy level very quickly. And this is despite having a terrible sleeper who remains a terrible sleeper today. Looking back, I think a large part of it was due to the fact that I was eating home most of the time, and Isaac was also getting all of his nutrients from nursing so I made an effort to eat healthy, nutritious food. It wasn’t just that I was generally feeling good, and lost weight fairly fast, I also had the second nicest skin I ever had in my life (the first was when I was pregnant!). Now that I’m back to work and sometimes don’t watch what I eat while I’m outside, I am feeling more sluggish and my skin is getting duller and spottier at times. Eep!

So I resolve to continue to eat more cleanly — less of fried food, fast food, and food laden with salt and preservatives, and more of lean proteins, wholegrains, fruits and vegetables.

And also just to live well in general, to drink lots of water and start an exercise regime. Um, but give me until after Chinese New Year for the latter!

2. Be Still. Be Present.

Last year, I took a large part of the year off after having Isaac, not only to bond with him, but also to spend some time rediscovering my interests. Even though there were a few hectic months when I was trying to manage Isaac, while practicing for one exam or the other, or trying to keep up with random online courses and writing, and still maintain a daily exercise regime, I was still doing one thing at a time. Now that I’ve started work, I find time running short, and end up multitasking a lot. Not all of it is bad, I think, because saying writing papers or planning slides in my head while driving gives me that much more time to spend with the family later; but sometimes I find myself unable to switch off and thinking about work even when I’m playing with Isaac,

So on this note, I resolve to dedicate time to being still — in particular, in the evenings when I’m home from work and seeing Isaac for the first time after a long day away, I want to really be present and pay attention to him.

3. Write More. 

I love writing (which doesn’t mean I’m good at it, just that I like doing it! =)), but until recently, have only written very sporadically. No magnus opus in the works, but I just want to write regularly again; because if nothing else, words capture important moments in a different way than pictures and I want to have these moments to look back upon. Perhaps I’ll start with at least one post a week? =)

4. Give More. 

I don’t think I have ever been short on gratitude for the blessings in my life. But after having Isaac, and having him whole and healthy, I really find myself humbled by how fortunate we have been. And in turn, I want to give more. Not just in terms of giving cents and dollars to charities, but also just to give more of myself, to those I love because I cherish them. To the work I do because it’s meaningful. To strangers with kind words and deeds because the world will always need more of these.

5. Keep Laughing. 

Last night, Isaac woke up almost every two hours to nurse. Sometimes, he would only go to sleep if he drapes himself across me. Of course in the middle of the night with pins and needles from being slept on by a baby, it doesn’t feel so funny and the hours are long. But I know when Isaac is off dating, or married with his own little family, I’ll miss him and this time now will seem like a brief wink. So I resolve to keep laughing, and keep loving, and hold these moments, in 2015, all of them, close.

Next up!

Angeline blogs at Simply Mommie and has been a stay-home mom for almost 7 years now. She’s mom to two lovely children who have given her new insights to life as she now finds herself on a journey of re-discovery of the world through their little eyes.
Photo by Angie Ng