The Bolster Wars

When Isaac was little, he used to have his own little pillow-bolster thingy (as well as comically short arms). Unfortunately, he never quite took to it (nor other bolsters and blankets we introduced) and slept by himself, and badly, for quite a while. IMG_7531

Then out of the blue, he suddenly developed a fondness for Miffy, MY bolster from childhood. I can’t even remember how it happened. Isaac shares our bed and Miffy is always with us because I hug it every night. At some point, Isaac just decided he too, would like to hug Miffy and thus began the bolster wars!

At first, Isaac didn’t quite hug Miffy. He just liked to sort of have it around, and would sleep on it sometimes. So once he’s asleep and on the occasions when he rolls away from the bolster I’ll grab it back so I can hug her to sleep.


But over time, Isaac grew to really really really like Miffy. Even in the day he would walk around the house with it, very adorably wrap it around himself, snuggle with it and give very happy and contented smiles. At night, he would hug it and sleep with it.

Some nights, I would still take the opportunity to surreptitiously steal the bolster back once he’s asleep — BUT HE WOULD WAKE UP LATER TO LOOK FOR IT AND PULL IT BACK OUT OF MY ARMS.

For a while, I tried valiantly to maintain my ownership of Miffy — it was MY bolster from childhood, I slept with it for decades! Even when I was studying overseas I would bring it with me so I could sleep.

But alas, one evening, after nursing Isaac and instructing him to sleep, I found myself saying, “Ok enough milk! Let go, hug your Miffy and go to bed!” At which I realised that I had to concede that I have lost the three-month-long bolster war. Isaac loves Miffy as much as I did, and it is actually very touching that after all the comforting sleep-aids we tried to introduce to him, the one thing that ended up help him sleep was his mummy’s decades-old bolster.

So we have declared a truce — Isaac can have Miffy as long as he wants, or at least until his next sibling comes along and needs it. For now, Isaac is my new Miffy!

And also, just as Isaac is drawing comfort from my bolster now (um, probably infused with decades of my scent), I imagine how years later, when Isaac and future siblings are grown up, and Miffy made its rounds among them, I may eventually get it back. And then, it would have come full circle, comforting a nostalgic mummy with the scents of her children who have grown.