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Me, briefly:

By day, I am a civil servant who has taught English in a secondary school, and am now working on policies within the larger civil service.  My work allows me to constantly consider the people around me, and society in which I live, and how to better the lives of my fellow citizens.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading (almost anything!) and writing (hence this blog!).

Life, now:

I recently embarked on the remarkable journey of parenting a little boy named Isaac, and like all new (and old!) parents, life is so much about our littlest. I have also had the privilege of being able to take additional time off from work, to hold my little one’s hand a little more as he grows, so quickly, but also to still myself from working life and set aside a little time to reflect and reconnect with myself and life outside of work. My days are mostly filled with Isaac — nursing! play! endless patting and singing him to sleep! — but among other things, I have managed to find time to write, tinker at the piano, learn new things on online platforms and to reconnect with old friends. Despite running from one thing to another, life really is wonderful right now.

Life, past:

I majored in English Language (think Linguistics, not Literature) as a student. I spent some time in New Zealand earlier in my life, as well as semesters in Philadelphia and Boston — all of which were formative to who I am today.

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