Day 14

Day 14 Prompt

The TP Prompt

– Write a poem for Terry Pratchett! or, Leonard Nimoy! or, anyone else important who died in 2015.

#bonus – in the voice of someone who isn’t you

#madnessbonus – in the voice of multiple people who aren’t you

– Everyone who died is important to someone –

Mummy go slow,
So I can follow.


Dearest go slow,
So I can follow.


Dearest go,
I will follow.


Dearest don’t go,
don’t go.

Day 9

Day 9 Prompt:

The se7en Prompt

Write a poem with 7 metaphors

#bonus – do not use any adjectives.

#madnessbonus – each metaphor must be a metaphor for an element of the previous metaphor.

~ Conor falls from the sky ~

Sleep on this song. Rest,
your head on these notes.
Curl up against this lullaby,
love, as we weep love
into your blanket. Life
doesn’t always get to grow
into its mittens. See how
the memory of your hands
will always feel like a paw
caught in the trap
of our hearts. See how
grief is also a song.