Breastfeeding at 16 months

Isaac at 16 months, looks like a seal pup when he’s nursing with his baldy head and wide staring eyes. 

In other news, yes! Isaac’s been nursing, for close to 16 months! 

Like most mummies of our time, I was well-schooled in the benefits of breastfeeding as soon as I was expecting Isaac. But right from the start I hadn’t wanted to give myself too much pressure. So instead of aiming for 6 months of total breastfeeding, I told myself let’s try one month for a start — if it didn’t work out, so be it. 

But um, it turned out that my humble boobs far surpassed my expectations! My milk came in very quickly on the second day after birth. And though like most babies and new mothers it took a while to get used to the process of latching, I never found the process of nursing too painful. In fact, I never needed to open the tube of balm I bought. I was also blessed with good supply and hardy boobs and never came down with serious infections or engorgement.

In fact, by the third month, I had the opposite problem of Isaac not wanting to take the bottle. Five months more and twenty different bottles and teats later, I gave up on trying to convince to take the bottle. So when I went back to work when he was eight months old — he still didn’t take a bottle and drank no milk throughout the day! 

I was quite worried initially, but the amazing boobs came to the rescue. I didn’t bother to express any milk in the day since Isaax rejects all milk that are not straight from the source. So I assumed the supply would dip and dry up in a while.

But amazingly, I just stopped feeding in the day with no ill effects — boobs were full at the end of the work day for the first week or so, but nothing painful. And the supply persisted despite only feeding at night! 

So at 16 months, I am very grateful for how amazing human bodies are. That the supply really just adjusts to Isaac’s need and I’m able to provide him with milk, even now. That even for a sleepyhead like me, waking up 2-3 times a night isn’t too tough and I can still be effective at work in the day. 

And mostly that it’s such a bonding experience for us — Isaac gives this incredible, bottom of his heart smile when he gets to nurse. 

Um. I’m not sure how long more I’ll nurse Isaac but I suspect we will stop only when he’s ready. Who knows! I might end up a tandem nursing mummy despite my humble ambitions 🙂