Day 19

Day 19 prompt:

– Write a poem about an SG neighbourhood as if it were a person.

#bonus – In blank verse.
#cleareyedbonus – Without nostalgia.

– cat in chinatown –

no need for pity. a stray may yet find
a home in these streets. friendship in gnarled hands
halving day-old loaves. warmth against shuffles
of arthritic limbs. mumbled greetings weave
spider-silk cloths of neighbourly ties. each
alley hides a loft of pigeons waiting
to take flight. on clotheslines, arms of old shirts
wave unflagging ‘hi-s’. the torn tarpaulin
opens the window to a private sky.

Day 17

Day 17 prompt:

– Write a poem with the title “The Last ____ of Singapore” (fill in the blank). 

#bonus – Don’t fill in the blank.

-The Last of Singapore-

perhaps, as

broken fingers of metal pointing
at the sky, steel spines
rusted in salted

or after the ocean,
a fistful of tears
a crumble of sand,

or a quiet

somewhere in china?