Day 23

Day 23 prompt:

Write a parody poem of a poet in the style of that poet.
‪#‎BONUS1‬: Singaporean poet.
‪#‎BONUS2‬: Not in the SPWM group.
‪#‎BONUS3‬: Not Edwin Thumboo.

– Even the Train –

What will avoid a bad morning jam? even the train?
But all roads lead to perdition, yes, even the train.
“our sleepers / slipping in this world” “Can you remember?”
Anyone! “when we thought / naught would halt” even the train?
After we boarded—That’s it!—We are left in the squeeze.
And as we bore the squeeze, we forgot even the train.
Wait was over. Where was I? Shuttles were on the house.
For compliments, my love, you’d take–what?–even the train.
Of the un-brushed commuter’s morning breath, I will say:
Extract ‘please’ from the halitosis, even the train.
How did Punctuality love you– no bus? no taxi?
He held just one thing back till he got even: the train.
This is URA’s site for a new development?
You tear by the Master Plan, razer, even the train?
After the peak hour–this was found in the station:
A lost phone, ashes from cigarettes, even the train.
What was I to expect if not the end of the track?
A depot for the lonely transport, even the train.
How the air wept, disconsolate, ponding streets in tears—
to shorten the queues, they extended even the train.
He would borrow a car, he would advance book taxis,
he would, to arrive just on the dot, even the train.
City Hall belongs pre-dawn to only me, just me—
free rides before seven-forty-five, even the train.
They’ve found the mistake that stalled you, but whose fault is it?
No one thing can be blamed, darling, not even the train.

(Insufficiently familiar with local poets, yikes! So here’s a parody of Agha Shahid Ali!)