My sound is ‘V’!

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Little Isaac has been experimenting with lots of sounds in the past months and quite hilariously, there is always a sound-of-the-week. He first started with a screaming week where he squealed and screamed all the time, whether he was happy, angry or just grumbling. Then the week after, he went into a fake-cough phase where he fake-cough to get our attention. The week after that was growling (!!!). Last week, in the most hilarious phase yet, he decided he would go into spontaneous fits of wonder (I don’t know how else to describe it) — he would draw a deep breath and then exhale with a loud exclaim while stretching his limbs out and repeat this several times. This was mostly in reaction to my hair falling close to his face when I lean over him, or the various ceiling lights in the rooms, whatever is dangled over his phase, or sometimes just for no real reason at all.

Then yesterday, he vocalised a new consonant! He’s been into his various grumbly vowels for the longest time, with a lot of nasal “h-s”. A few weeks back, he came up with a “meh, meh, meh” sound especially when he complains — but I didn’t quite consider that a proper consonant vocalisation because he only used it to grumble. But yesterday, he did the voiced labiodental fricative /v/! (Haha spot the linguist in me =P) And I was utterly surprised because I didn’t think that babies would vocalise fricatives quite so early. Anyway, it was hilarious because he started saying “Vvvvvvvvv” after I pantomimed a series of his soft toys to him going, “I am monkey friend! My sound is biki boka!” “I am doggy friend! I go woof woof!” Then later when I sat him up to face his various “friends”, he started going “Vvvvvvvv” at them — too cute!

In any case, yesterday was one of those random big days for him. Apart from /v/ vocalisation, he also managed to sit up steadily with no hands for quite a while! We have been sitting him up here and there over the past few weeks, mostly because he gets restless when laying down for too long. And over the past two weeks he has been able to support himself with his hands. But yesterday, he actually managed to raise his hands and wave them in laughter without toppling over, and continue sitting. He could also pick things up, even pivot to look at things to his side (see picture) while staying balanced. Yay little Isaac!

And the last big thing for him, which I almost hesitate to share because I am half afraid of jinxing it — was that he actually managed to fall asleep by himself for the first time since his newborn days! I usually nurse him, then spend around half an hour patting and singing him to sleep (tummy down) during the evenings (longer on bad days). But yesterday he was unusually spirited and had recently perfected his tummy-to-back roll to boot. So these days when he decides that he is not ready to sleep, he’ll roll out of the tummy-time position. After he did this several times last time, I decided I was going to leave him be and told him sternly that I was going to shower and if he did not appreciate my patting then he shall just play by himself without me. After my shower, I was surprised that there was not a peep from him and when I peeked at him, he was quietly rubbing his blanket on his face. At that point, I decided that I would just leave him and see if he actually manages to sleep (though I was expecting to have to intervene and pat him at some time). After a while, he did give a deep sigh which I could hear from the next room, but to my surprise when I checked in on him, his face was turned to the side and he was still. So I hid for a while to observe him and he was really asleep! Double yay for Isaac! Although of course, I am only sharing this because I think last night was a fluke and I don’t think it would happen again.

But still — it’s amazing how Isaac is developing by leaps and bounds every day. These days are really rough in various ways (which I may write about at some point), but last time, it really struck me how these baby days are really such a short time in both our lives. And later late at night, I could smell the scent of lavender, baby powder and his little sweaty head next to me in bed and I realise that I would miss him so much, when I return to work again. So I have a newfound resolve to cherish these days, no matter how difficult, because the time would come when I miss them and nothing in the world would give these moments back to me.

We must love our sunflowers the best we can, while we can =)