Day 5

Day 5 Prompts:

‪#‎Prompt1‬: Write a poem depicting something ugly as beautiful, or something beautiful as ugly.

‪#‎Prompt2‬: Write a poem on the theme of resurrection.

Brown is the most beautiful colour

We sit now, on steel hills that were the bones
of cities, dragged down by creepers,
that rose and grew on pepper
grains from the roaches’ guts.
We wondered, who brought the roaches,
into the winter ark, there wasn’t time to bring
beloved Rover, Mittens, and Grandpa,
half deaf when the sirens rang, joints stiff with gout,
and Emma, Emma. Brown is the most beautiful
colour, when it is a morsel we sniff starved, then
crunched in our mouths. Brown is the gleaming, scuttling
sea with a knack for prying sleeping seeds, scraps,
from bleached ground, resurrecting the dead, dead
flesh in mouths, to guts, to creepers and creepers
and green grass. They even look like us now, their faces,
their masks. Emma used to hate them, Emma was screaming
at one when her hand slipped out of mine
on day minus one. I was saying, Emma, Emma,
roaches don’t hurt us, look here I’ll stomp on
this one.

Day 2

Day 2 Prompt:

Write a poem that responds to this image


* Bonus 1: Include a title that serves to caption the image
* Bonus 2: Incorporate some words from a different language

 un Hand


me,” she said, and turning threw his heart like a dark hand,

down the stairwell, where it was found by a

retriever, eager to retrieve

discarded parts,

and mend



Day 1

This is something fun I’m doing! It’s a Singapore poetry writing thing, where there are prompts given for anyone interested to write a poem every day in April.

Here’s the prompt for Day 1:

Write a poem featuring the year 2065.

* Bonus 1: Use the words: queue, dance, grave, swamp, arrest, love

* Bonus 2: Write the poem as a liwuli or one of its formal variants –

And here’s my (super amateur) poem!

Tell you how to die in two-oh-six-five.
First must young time queue for license. Like that won’t arrest you.
Then plan party, dance.
No grave.

You want to machiam zombie,
lie in hospital meh?

Nobody love already,
Live for what?