Us, two:

We met on a late summer evening in the blue city; and later, on the cliff path filled with gorse bushes in Ogunquit, I knew you were the one. It wasn’t always easy, but we have had the opportunity to do so much together. We have been to so many places — the clear waters of the Caribbean, the old Incan ruins in Peru, watched so many stars in so many clear skies, the Uluru desert, the Okavango delta, wined and dined to our hearts content as we drove through the warm Southern Europe many summers. Life is always an adventure with you, and as we did on our wedding day — here’s to more ahead!

Us, three:


Our little one joined us in 2014 — our biggest adventure to date (until the littler and littlest ones come along!). Isaac Ho-Lin (Yes! Double-barrelled surname!) has been nothing short of true wonder and joy in our lives, even as he keeps us up and demands our attention so often. These moments are so previous, and above all, I write to capture all of these moments, everyday, every last thing that will happen for the last time.

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